Karen Belz
August 12, 2016 10:39 am
Inside Edition/CBS

It was a solid weekend for Plainfield, Illinois resident Lauren Hernandez. She just graduated high school, and decided to throw a celebratory party for her nearest and dearest friends and family. In the mix was Joe Iosco, her Mom’s boyfriend. Iosco has been a part of Hernandez’s life for an impressive 17 years, so Hernandez has known him almost her entire life.

While Hernandez was definitely the center of attention at this graduation gathering, she made sure to give Iosco a moment in the spotlight. She presented him with a gift in the midst of the festivities. Opening it, he realized it was…towels.

OK, so towels aren’t the worst gift. But the sentimental stuff was hidden even deeper in the box.

At the bottom was an envelope and a heartfelt poem. And inside that envelope? Adoption papers.

“He was shocked,” Lauren’s mom, Sally Hernandez said in an interview with Inside Edition. “This meant the world to him, and it’s almost like his wish had come true.”

What a perfect time to let someone know how much of an impact they’ve truly had on your life! While Iosco likely always though of Hernandez as his daughter, she wanted to make it official.

While both Lauren and Sally Hernandez have looked into the adoption process for years, they realized that it’d be much easier to get everything legally squared away when Lauren became an adult — and to keep the surprise, they met with lawyers behind Iosco’s back, so he had no idea that this was coming. With adulthood, graduation, and the man who raised you officially on the way to becoming your Dad, Lauren Hernandez definitely had the best week ever.

Anyone else feel the need to have a nice cry? Go for it. This is a story that’s totally tear-worthy.