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Friday Night Lights will forever be in our hearts. The football-centered TV series was pretty amazing and you didn’t even have to like football to appreciate it: The real reason we tuned in all of those years was for the amazing characters.

Yes, we continually wanted to see what Tami Taylor would do next, and if Coach T would win the big game, but it was really all about the extremely good-looking football players. There’s an argument that the best character of Friday Night Lights (or at least the hottest) was Tim Riggins, played by Taylor Kitsch. And we’re about to make it.

That face

Need we say more? He was so freaking dreamy.

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Nicknames were his specialty

No matter who Tim was talking to he always had a fun nickname to call them. It was one of his many gifts and every time he said someone’s name like Street (Jason Street) or Seven (aka Matt Saracen) with his sexy voice, we wished he created a nickname for us too.

Those killer abs

When you finally were able to move past his gorgeous face (and those pretty eyes), you quickly realized that he had a rocking bod. Even in pads he looked hot, but we were bigger fans of his shirtless look, even when he had a “beer belly.”

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He had a terrible upbringing but loved his family

You knew very little about Tim’s parents on Friday Night Lights, but what we do know is that they sucked. That being said he still loved his brother, who he lived with, and was willing to go to jail for him out of love. Talk about being selfless.

His hair

We’ve talked a lot about Tim’s looks, but we can’t forget his hair. His long, luscious locks were the cherry on top of his already perfect look. Whenever he drove his truck, with the windows down, it was like watching a male model in a bro tank. It sounds ridiculous, but something about it just worked.


He let himself be vulnerable and it totally worked

Tim was definitely rough around the edges, but every now and then he let his guard down and showed off his sensitive side. He was vulnerable when he revealed he needed help in school or when he needed guidance on what to do when his brother was in trouble with the law. Every time he let someone in it made him even more lovable.

He never apologized for what he liked

Tim was a simple man. He liked football, beer, girls, and Texas. No matter what people threw at him or how they tried to change him, he never wavered on those things. Sure, he was a little stubborn, but it added to his bad boy persona, which was attractive.

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Loyalty was one of his greatest traits

A lot of things went wrong in Tim’s life and he wasn’t the greatest example of a “successful student” in school, but he was loyal to a fault. Once he bought into Coach Taylor’s ideals he never let go of them nor did he stray from them. He was all about sticking with his people and following them until the ends of the earth. It made him very endearing.

He was a romantic

The fullback was really a hopeless romantic and we loved him even more for it. When he was with Lyla he was all about impressing her and making her feel special and they were SO cute together. Even when he was with Tyra he showed her he loved her in small ways, but they still count.


He had so many layers

Just when you thought you understood the teenager, he threw you a curveball. Like the time when he seemed like he’d never make anything of himself and then he randomly went and bought land to build on . It was surprising, yet fit him perfectly, since he truly believed in Texas forever.


Tim Riggins was the heart and soul of Friday Night Lights. He believed in football, family and the state of Texas. He might’ve been like a teenage caveman at times, but he had a LOT going for him. #TeamRiggins