Elizabeth Entenman
Updated May 24, 2016 @ 12:24 pm
Picture of Baby Tiger Cubs
Credit: CCTV News / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf5KfAHBysI

We’ve seen some pretty cute baby animals on the internet before, but these newborn tiger cubs might take the cake. They’re cute, cuddly, and oh-so shaky on their feet as they try to master the art of walking.

Credit: CCTV News / giphy.com

It’s hard! And it’s even harder when your brother is trying to hitch a ride.

Twenty-eight tiger cubs were recently born at the Siberian Tiger Park in China, and CCTV News shared an adorable video of the two youngest taking some of their first steps. They are still a little bit clumsy, but that’s totally understandable, as they were only four days old when this video was filmed.

Credit: CCTV News / giphy.com

These cubs might still be getting their footing, but CCTV News reports that they’ve already learned how to roar. Impressive! Staff at the park is on standby 24/7, as they need to be bottle fed every four hours (their mom, who is five years old, needs extra help with breastfeeding!).

Don’t mind us, we’ll just be watching this clip below on repeat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=