I remember very distinctly the first time I heard Macklemore’s hit “Thrift Shop.” Fall 2012, senior year of college, driving with my best friends through rural Ohio to pick up supplies for our first house party of the semester. The sun was setting across the cornfields, and then that weird horn beat came out of nowhere. It was, as they say, “f*cking awesome.”

Now, at this point, “Thrift Shop” has been massively overplayed —but that song, and the subsequent video, are forever etched into pop culture history. And while the song may have some permanence, its subject maybe not so much. On Wednesday, the announcement that the thrift shop from Macklemore’s video is closing, and pretty much everyone is upset.

Capitol Hill Value Village in Seattle, WA became a local cultural stronghold after first opening in 1996, inhabiting the old REI flagship building on 11th Avenue. The specific reasons for the closing have not been revealed, though a manager has cited “unfortunate business conditions.” The store will remain open for one last Halloween before closing its doors for good on November 7th.

Macklemore took to Twitter to express his sadness following the October 28th announcement:

As did a number of other equally-loyal local fans:

Here’s the full video below. Please pour one out for everyone’s favorite thrift shop:

(Image via YouTube)