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When your mom’s a die-hard Potterhead, you have no choice but to follow her path, which explains this adorable 3-month-old baby’s Harry Potter photo shoot. Mom and photographer Kayla Glover of Illinois told The Huffington Post that her love of Harry Potter goes back to childhood, so she decided to initiate her baby girl Lorelai Grace into the HP-appreciation club.

“I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since I was 10 years old,” Glover said. “It is fair to say I always planned to introduce my children to the series at a young age.”

And when we see kids and babies in Harry Potter costumes it’s basically as if someone cast a smiling spell on us that produces uncontrollable googly eyes, non-stop cooing, and possible drooling. Grab a bib and try to maintain your composure while scrolling through baby Lorelai’s pics:

Wait, what was that? We can’t quite understand the gibberish coming from your mouth, but we think it roughly translates to “GAH! How friggin’ adorable is this baby?”