Caitlin Flynn
March 02, 2017 11:37 am

20-year-old Poppy Dadd realized she was gay when she was 16, but she kept her sexuality a secret for two years. At first, she only told a few friends — but one of them shared her secret and the news began to spread quickly. Instead of focusing on the anger of her friend’s betrayal, Dadd used Facebook to come out in the most creative and hilarious way.

The British model posted a Facebook status that read “1st to comment is gay,” then immediately commented “surprise” below her own post.

When Dadd’s original post showed up on Facebook as a memory, she posted it to Twitter, where she has a strong LGBTQ following.

Less than a week after Dadd shared the post, it’s received nearly 284,000 likes and 63,000 retweets.

Dadd also offered advice to LGBTQ people who are deciding whether or not to come out.

Although the best timing and method of coming out is different for each and every person, Dadd stressed one important message — it’s worth it.