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Well, we’ve just found our new Tinder hero. Her name is Susan Zalkind and she’s been buried under mounds and mounds of snow in Boston for the past month. (Boston snow update: still about a foot and a half-ish, FYI.) After she’d finally had it up to here with this crazy snow, she decided to turn to our favorite swipe left/swipe right dating site for back up.

Yes. Susan used Tinder not to snag a date, but to get someone to shovel her car out. Basically, brilliant.

Susan had used Tinder before to meet people the “normal way,” and as she wrote in an article about her escapade for Boston Magazine the dates hadn’t been “terrible.” But now she needed someone not to just go out on an OK date with, times were dire and she needed someone to shovel her car. She updated her profile to reflect this.

Also, let the record show that Susan was sick when this all started, so she really needed someone with a shovel to save the day.

“I swiped right exactly a dozen times. Instead of looking for men I was necessarily attracted to, I looked for men who seemed especially wholesome . . . In less than 15 minutes, I got 11 matches and three offers. It probably helped that it was the Friday before Valentine’s Day. I checked that my roommate would be home, and moved forward on a first come, first shovel basis,” she wrote in The Boston Magazine. And thus, the idea of using Tinder for shoveling purposes was born.

Is Susan a genius? Is she a gift to us from the gods of Tinder? Has she found the secret to life and happiness? The answers to all of those questions might possibly be “yes.”

Susan even succeeded in getting a non-creepy man to shovel out her car. “I think he just got a kick out of being chivalrous and having a little company on Valentine’s Day,” she writes. She paid him with a scone and a coffee.

[Side note, below is the car. We totally get why she called for reinforcements. That’s menacing.]

After every huge snow storm in Boston, she was able to enlist the kindness of strangers to help her out (not quite as easily as the first time) and her car remained snow-free.

Moral of this story? Tinder isn’t just a game you can play to see how many matches you can collect (which is, uh, how I play it). Tinder can actually be a useful connection site if you’re just looking for someone to shovel out your car in the harshest of winters. So thank you for the idea, Susan. Totally stealing this next time I need someone to rewire cables in my apartment.

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