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Babies are incredible — seriously. They’re a reminder of how precious every “first” is, whether it’s first smile or first step. One lucky mom videotaped her child saying “mama” for the first time, and let’s just say that her reaction was pretty hysterical.

The video was uploaded to the Kyoot Kids YouTube channel, and it’s definitely cute. Er — “kyoot.”

Since children develop at different times, it’s kind of tough to tell when the mumbles may turn into actual words. It can be well over a year, or well under a year. That’s why it’s totally believable that this mom was unknowingly capturing the big moment. But, uh — we’re not sure if this kid will ever try uttering “mama” again after witnessing the freakout.

While it’s never good to see a child cry, we can’t help but think these tears are pretty hilarious. We also think this kid will absolutely love seeing this video later on in life. Y’know, now that mama has settled down.

For moms, they just might be able to relate to a reaction like this. Milestones like this are huge, and when you catch one during post-lunch playtime, it’s a true cause for celebration.


Plus, we’re sure this little tyke definitely forgave mom for the brief scare.