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When you’re pregnant, you’re often a little bit more cautious about what you choose to do on a daily basis. That’s why this maternity shoot which features a swarm of bees is getting people talking. Since while bees are such an important part of nature, they’re also a little scary at times.

The good news is that the woman in question is a beekeeper — so it’s not as much a stunt, as it is including part of her family in her big moment. Her name is Emily Mueller, and she’s currently awaiting the birth of her final baby. She’s the owner of Mueller Honey Bee Removal, a company that got its start in 2013 and aims to save as many honey bees as possible.

The photos might make you feel a little nervous, so just remember — everything ended up okay. And Mueller is pretty darn knowledgeable about bees.

We must say, it’s definitely a creative approach. The photos, taken by Ohio-based photographer Kendrah Damis, were probably unlike anything she’s ever shot before.

You may be wondering — what attracted Mueller to bees in the first place? In an interview with BabyCenter, she explained that she got into the profession for a pretty powerful reason.

We totally understand the importance of including them in the photos. But unless you’re a professional like Mueller, it’s still something you might not want to try yourself.