I kind of believe in zodiac signs.

In fact, I have had in-depth conversations with my friends about why I think they might be real. I’m an adult (sort of) with a degree in Chemistry, and I think that there is some truth to my horoscope. It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Hear me out, though. Have you guys gone to look at the characteristics of X zodiac sign? I have…many times. It’s freakish how accurate they are. I can’t help but thinking to myself, “When did this person meet me?” It’s weird, and it might just be a coincidence that these Virgo characteristics just so happen to describe me. So obviously, the next step is to go check my siblings’ zodiac descriptions to get a better measure of their accuracy. It’s a vicious cycle wherein I try to convince myself that there’s no way that the day you were born has any bearing on your personality.

But, what if it does? I can’t help but wonder.

I’m not entirely sure that I believe in the monthly horoscopes that you get in the back of magazines. That might just be because I don’t understand what Venus going into Scorpio means, or whatever. The only thing that I do know is that Mercury going into retrograde is no good. Also, I forget what my monthly horoscope said immediately after reading it so I can’t compare what it said would happen to reality.

Hence, my uncertainty. On one hand, the Virgo characteristics that I’ve read are pretty accurate when it comes to describing me, but on the other, horoscopes aren’t reliable at all.

Also, I think that maybe the only reason that zodiac characteristics are correct is because if you wait long enough (and the Zodiac has been around a looooooong time) you’re going to get an average that just so happens to describe a good portion of the population born under that sign. Right?! Statistics, always there to help me logic my way out.

However, I do think that the Zodiac, and its resulting horoscopes, would be handy if we could treat it as scientific fact:

1. All you would have to do to avoid the badness that inevitably comes with life is look at your unlucky days. “Oh, looks like I can’t go to that party after all. What if I get sloppy drunk? Oh my God, no, how embarrassing. I am not risking that.”

2. Likewise, maybe winning the lottery would be easier with those lucky numbers.

3. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to get the overall picture of a person? “Ooooh…he’s a Scorpio, better be careful with that one. We are not compatible.

4. I might actually understand what, “Venus going into Scorpio” means.

Don’t think I’m crazy, I don’t actually put a lot of stock into my horoscope, but I am confused by how the picture painted of your typical Virgo is descriptive of me. Before you make up your mind about about zodiac signs, please, google your sign’s characteristics. Is there any truth to zodiac signs? What do you think?

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