Karen Belz
December 14, 2016 12:14 pm
WatchCut Video / www.youtube.com

Kids say the darndest things. They also happen to have pretty finicky taste buds. Combine the two, and you have comedic gold. WatchCut Video on YouTube recently released an adorable video of American kids eating international holiday food, and seeing their reaction to the worldwide cuisine is pretty darn funny. And educational, as well!

Our daring test subjects try out Christmas-related food from places like New Zealand, the Dominican Republic, and Japan. And as expected, they’re pretty candid about what they like, and what they don’t like.

It’s pretty intriguing to see what traditions other countries hold close. If anything, we just wish the video was longer, to include even more! (But granted, a child’s stomach can only handle so much food.)

One of the best parts is when one of the subjects confuses “Dominican Republic” with “Democrat and Republican.” So yes, this video does get slightly political in the middle. (Of course, it’s all in good fun. He knows that one side is represented by a donkey and the other an elephant, but can’t figure out which is which.)

WatchCut Video / www.youtube.com

It’s pretty obvious that the kids are mostly excited by Japan’s offering. In Japan, people often eat fried chicken and strawberry cake to celebrate Christmas. But no — unlike what the production team exclaims, nobody traveled to China solely to pick up the chicken for the experiment. Sigh. Parents.

This is one of the many videos that WatchCut Video has released regarding adorable child reactions. We can’t wait for even more!