Karen Belz
March 01, 2017 8:21 am
FinnandFeathers / Facebook

Therapy animals come in all shapes and sizes. But, let’s be honest — we’re not usually thinking of tutu-wearing chickens when “certified therapy animal” is mentioned either socially, or in the news. Luckily, Darla the chicken is around to prove us all wrong.

Darla had a pretty tough start to life, but thanks to her adopted family, managed to turn things around. She was adopted by Erica Proctor, the founder of a rescue called Green Dogs Unleashed. The rescue itself focuses on disabled pups, but obviously they don’t discriminate — Darla doesn’t really fit the “dog” image.

This lucky chicken was also in the hands of Proctor’s son, Finn, who immediately took a liking to her. And once you see Darla, you’ll understand why.

While Darla was adopted by the family along with two other sickly chickens, she’s the only one who survived. And really, she only gets stronger and stronger, thanks to the love and high quality of living she’s currently exposed to.

Of course, there are many career goals in life for a healthy and spry chicken.

Darla, who often likes to dress up in pink tutus, went through the Green Dogs Unleashed therapy dog certification program, and passed with flying feathers. Er, we mean colors.

Proctor thought that Darla’s participation was important for a few reasons.

Part of the reason as to why Darla was chosen? She lifted everyone’s spirits naturally. So, it made sense that she got the proper training she needed to expand on her natural talents even further.

Darla doesn’t just provide therapy. She also knows a thing or two about football.

Oh, and of course she helps supply the Proctor family with a solid amount of fresh eggs. She is a chicken, first and foremost.

Darla, currently a 2-year-old, still has a long life ahead of her. We know she’s capable of putting a smile on so many faces, and reminding the world that sometimes, it’s important to sit back and enjoy life.