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Right now, we’re craving empowerment. So we were beyond thrilled when we came across this truly incredible feminist art. Created by Mari Andrew, illustrator/writer based in Washington, D.C., this is a super feminist illustration. The Instagram famous Mari Andrew is loved for her relatable art, and this takes the cake. In a single piece, Andrew completely changed our understanding of the ideal woman and it’s awe-inspiring. We’re so here for it!

When it comes to the ideal woman, Mari Andrew seriously steps things up to a perfectly feminist level.

See for yourself!

We love, love, love how detailed this is. It’s not about her looks, or her hair, or her weight. It’s about how happy she looks, and how cozy she is within her body. She explains,

Too, Andrew says, the ideal woman is committed to doing good.

A part of why we love this is because it reminds us of the women we love. It’s not a matter of comparing ourselves to this ideal woman, but of seeing ourselves in a new light because of her. Maybe we don’t fit conventional beauty stereotypes, or always wear the best outfit, but maybe the best part of us is us, the bold and happy and free parts.

And that’s a feminist message we can totally get behind.