Credit: @caro0430orac

Life is tough. Sometimes all we want to do is cuddle with thousands of kittens (we’re exaggerating… sort of) and be filled with warmth, purring, and love. Unfortunately, life isn’t fair. On the bright side, though, we do have one magical thing: the amazing cats of Instagram. And you can bet that we’re following all the very best cats on Instagram! Because, seriously, if we can’t be surrounded by cats, we’re definitely going to make sure we have some solid cat-filled scrolling day in and day out. An Instagram kitten is *nearly* as good as a kitten IRL!

And this Instagram famous cat named Caro is seriously stealing our hearts with her super expressive face featuring an ah-mazing smize. Tyra Banks, prepare to be proud.

Just look at this totally beautiful Instagram kitten!

Even since the very beginning, this kitten has known how to work those eyes.

We are adoring her seriously gorgeous gaze! Aw, aw, aw.

Teach us your ways, beautiful, beautiful kitten.

We have all the heart eyes right now, friends. Here’s to beautiful kittens!