Karen Belz
Updated Jan 30, 2017 @ 9:56 am
Credit: Mike Burke / Unsplash / https://unsplash.com/search/photos/dog?photo=gxyfJQg7Lno

Beyoncé might cheer you up after a particularly long day, so it should come as no surprise that animals also have a preference to music. A new study revealed that a majority of dogs enjoy a particular kind of music more than others, so next time you want to make your puppy happy, you may want to add a few new tunes to your Spotify playlist.

The results were published in a paper by the Scottish SPCA — known as the SSPCA — and the University of Glasgow.

Both found out that dogs, for some reason, seem to prefer reggae music and soft rock over other genres.

But, these two are just the most popular — in fact, a lot of the furry subjects had varied favorites, just like humans do.

That means that you might own a dog who loves country, or R&B. Either one might affect his or her behavior positively.

Curious about how the study was done? Of course, it was pretty scientific.

Researchers decided to test the dogs against five different genres — soft rock, reggae, classical, Motown, and pop. After exposing the pups, they tested out their heart rates to determine their stress levels. While all of the music effectively helped them relax, reggae and soft rock worked the best.

The study was so intriguing, that the SSPCA decided to buy sound systems for their locations.

We think it’s definitely sweet that they want their furry buddies to experience the least amount of stress possible. (It might not be good news for volunteers who don’t care much for reggae, but surely seeing their favorite canines react positively might just change their opinion on the genre!)

Who knows? Maybe further studies will test and see if dogs have a preference on musical artist, as well. We can totally imagine our pups grooving along to classic soft rock all-stars like James Taylor and Tom Petty.