Jada Allen
Credit: Jada_Artistry /

14-year-old Jada Allen of Atlanta is an incredible artist who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. When she failed to recognize her own talent, her teacher tweeted some images of Jada’s artwork and they immediately went viral. Kwaku Mensah, a math and science teacher at Charles Drew Charter School in Atlanta, took to Twitter to share a photo of one of Jada’s pieces and asked his followers to retweet it. Mensah got the idea after chatting with Jada, a top student at Charles Drew.


In just three days, the tweet has already been shared nearly 142,000 times. Mensah explained that he got the idea to share the image on Twitter because students are growing up in the digital age.

Jada has received positive feedback from over 2,000 Twitter users — including Rosie O’Donnell.

The response provided Jada with a confidence boost — she’s set up her own Twitter and Instagram accounts to share her artwork, so be sure to follow her STAT.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing young artist.