Karen Belz
March 09, 2017 8:39 am

Need a legit reason to smile today? Well, you’re in luck. This sweet video of a creature called an axolotl, otherwise known as a “monster” or “aquatic salamander,” will make you realize that there’s still some good in the world. Why? Well, because she’s got a permanent smile on her own face. Since smiling is contagious, it’s hard not to feel happy when you see this bright pink lady in motion.

The video, which was originally posted on The Dodo, features an axolotl named Ripley. Ripley was actually rescued after an injury. Luckily, since axolotls like her can regrow limbs, she was able to regenerate a leg that went missing.

Creepy, but cool. You have to admit.

Here she is, swimming around and looking adorable.

It’s important to know that axolotls aren’t something you can find everywhere. In fact, they’re on the endangered species list. Researchers actually haven’t found an axolotl like Ripley in the wild for quite some time, which means we might not have long to enjoy this incredible creature unless we take action.

Ripley, who sometimes has her videos uploaded on the Instagram account of her bearded dragon siblings, seems to remain positive regardless of the news.

Many animal-lovers are out there trying to find ways to save the axolotl, who is under critical threat due to past predators and environmental issues. (The fact that some people eat them also doesn’t help too much.)

The first step in order to save our smiley buddies is awareness. But of course, any donation to a reputable rescue that helps save and replenish the axolotl population is also a great idea, for Ripley’s sake.