Karen Belz
January 05, 2017 8:40 am
Tina Papai / Pexels

Sometimes, we tend to click “submit” before we thoroughly read. Admit it — you’ve done it too. But this Redditor found out what happens when you don’t peruse the full page, and instead, buy an item on a whim. A very cheap item. A cat tree, for just $20. You can’t say no to that, right?

Owners of cats, and cat enthusiasts, are familiar with the cat tree. Also referred to as a kitty condo, they typically range in price from $60 to around $200, depending on the amount of hidey holes and size. Some cats take to them, others might just scratch a bit at the bottom and call it a day.

Each cat is different. What can we say?

When the item arrived, the Redditor — named cewallace9 — realized he didn’t get what he bargained for.

That’s one disappointed cat.

Cewallace9 realized later that the cat tree he bought is actually meant for a dollhouse, which is cute in its own way. (As you can imagine, a tiny figurine of a cat would have probably loved the gift.)

Looking at the listing, it’s tough to figure out where the confusion came from…

But, the poster — who obviously has a decent sense of humor — pretty much owned up to it immediately.

Hey — $20 is a good price for a hilarious picture and an incredible story. While the cat was likely disappointed, surely his owner had his best interests at heart.

We definitely got an incredible laugh from this as well. May this be a lesson to all of you who shop in a hurry!