Kenya Foy
February 01, 2017 9:35 am
KyleJasonLowell /

Humans know all too well the magical power held by toys, but it turns out that entertaining inanimate objects mean just as much to dogs as they do to us. To prove our point, here’s a dachshund puppy fawning over its favorite squeaky toy. Just like this pack of overly excited beagles chasing a toy car, this adorable puppy named Finn clearly appreciates Piggy, his beloved toy pig, and we totally get it.

Well, there are some completely unhinged human adults who have taken to burning their favorite childhood toys, but the rest of us reasonable two-legged creatures appreciate having a companion to help get us through all those scary childhood obstacles we faced, like sleeping alone and monsters hiding under our beds.

So, here’s the heartwarming backstory on Finn and his beloved polka-dot squeaky pig. According to the video description, when Finn was only a few months old, he destroyed more than one of his favorite toys before moving on to bigger, better and more durable ones, which apparently included a cute pig that made this squeaking noise.

After five years of living a squeak-free existence (which is something like peace and quiet, except not really) came the moment that Finn was reunited with that wonderful sound, and he simply could NOT deal. His face says, “OMG, this totally cannot be my life right now!”


But absolutely nothing compares to the sound Finn makes when it finally sinks in that he’s got his old toy thang back. Watch, listen and try not to squee too hard:

SIGHS. Whimpering never sounded so sweet.