Daryl Lindsey
Updated Feb 07, 2017 @ 12:29 pm
dog maternity photoshoot
Credit: Shravan Krishnan/Facebook

After a woman in India found out she was expecting a baby, people told her to get rid of her dogs — so she did a maternity photo shoot with her five furry family members to show the haters they weren’t going anywhere.

Aditya Raheja and her husband, Sanjana Madappa, live in Bengaluru, India. Raheja is an employee of CUPA, a local animal shelter.

Like most dog owners, Raheja considers her dogs to be a part of her family. Rescuing and caring for animals is an important part of her life and identity.




The photos are adorable, and we’re proud of Aditya for showing critics that dogs can be such a beautiful part of a family.