Karen Belz
March 10, 2017 11:35 am

Pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable. While many women share symptoms, every pregnancy is a little different and unique in its own way. So, we totally get why one pregnant woman gave a trophy to a subway passenger for giving up his seat for her — since during that third trimester, even standing can be painful.

By the way, we don’t mean a round of applause, or a verbal “thank you.” No, an actual trophy was involved.

The trophy-giver is named Yvonne Lin, and she was eight months along with her second pregnancy. A frequent subway user, she noted that nobody had ever offered her a seat during her first time around. That’s why she had the trophy on hand in case that moment occurred for baby #2.

We can’t help but crack up. This isn’t an ordinary trophy — that thing is a work of art.

It’s nice to know that there are a few courteous people out there. Since Lin mentioned that she was noticeably pregnant, we can understand the frustration — after all, we do acknowledge the fact that many people are taught not to bring it up or assume a pregnancy.

Actress Olivia Wilde shared the same annoyance on social media while she was pregnant with her second child, Daisy.

Wilde stood up for what she believed in while spreading the message that it’s a much bigger deal for pregnant women than many think. Traveling in general is often super uncomfortable for a heavily pregnant woman, but for most of them, pretty mandatory.

Next time you see a pregnant woman in need of a little relief, consider giving up your seat if you’re able. Not only will it make her day, but who knows? Perhaps you’ll get a little bit of social media fame, like Yvonne Lin’s subway hero.