Alexis Dent
Updated Nov 20, 2016 @ 12:41 pm
Credit: manushot/Shutterstock

We all need a pep talk every now and then. Sometimes it’s in the form of wise words from a friend. Sometimes it’s in the form of a phone call to mom. And sometimes, it’s in the form of an online pep talk generator that will give you all the inspiration you need. Babe Vibes, “a collection of work by creative women”, added a new feature to their site in the form of this pep talk generator.

The pep talk generator aggregates fabulous quotes about #girlpower, perseverance, and following your heart. Basically, we’re in love with it. The quotes are all attributed to the women who created them and linked to the author’s website so you can see more of their work. Created by designer Kara Haupt and developer Paige Lewis, this is a positive project that we’re totally here for.

We used the pep talk generator ourselves and the first motivational quote to pop up and inspire us was from Sara Black McCulloch. The quote reads:

If you’re not in need for super serious inspo, there are plenty of light hearted pep talks too! Take Asha Efia’s quote for example: “Don’t be a puss, go get it.” This generator must be magic or something because it just ~gets it~.

Safe to say we’re bookmarking this site for our Monday morning inspiration.