Gabriela Herstik
Updated Jul 25, 2017 @ 6:10 pm

The world of newborn photography is a strange one. Most humans actually look like aliens when they’re born (cute aliens!), and the photos that capture these new-to-the-world babes can either be super cute, or maybe a little too extra. And then there’s this newborn photoshoot. Inspired by Queen Selena Quintanilla, this photoshoot may just take the cake for the cutest newborn picture ever. It’s super cute AND a little extra, and we LOVE IT. Photographer Sofi Guerra captured baby Natalie’s essence and Selena’s spirit in the shot, making two-week-old Natalie one of the youngest Selena fans, possibly ever.

In the shot we see baby Natalie in a bedazzled hat, sprawled next to a microphone and white rose. And yes, those are real Swarovski crystals sewn onto that hat (200 of them to be exact!) Natalie’s mom, Helen Gallegos, who is a life-long Selena fan like Sofi, sewed the crystals onto the hat herself. As for the other props, she enlisted Off My Hooks to create them. The photo has been going viral, and has even been shared by Selena’s sister Suzette, so it has the official Quintanilla stamp of approval.

In an interview with My San Antonio, Sofi says “Something just told me this was going to be different, something told me a lot of people are going to like this picture. I wanted to cry, I kind of got chills, because it reminded me of how special Selena meant to a lot of people.” Natalie may not know who Selena is quite yet, but we have a feeling she’s going to grow up and appreciate the iconic Mexican singer and all her glamour.

After all, thanks to this shot, Natalie can always count Selena as her first style icon.