Caitlin Flynn
Updated Mar 21, 2017 @ 1:12 pm
mom baby legs
Credit: Shutterstock

As much as you may want to spend every second of the day with your extremely loving (or, well, extremely clingy) baby, sometimes you’ve just gotta do other things. Well, there’s a clever way to do just that without having to listen to your little one’s heartbreaking wail — a mom shared a genius trick to get her baby to let her leave the room, and we’re sure that fellow members of Chile’s online community Maternidarks will be eternally grateful.

What’s a busy mom to do? She leaves her “legs” by the baby’s side and then heads to the kitchen to cook — and we promise it’s not as creepy as it initially sounds.

The mother fills a pair of jeans with stuffed animals, puts some boots at the bottom, and leaves a gap between her fake feet because the baby sometimes likes to sneak through her legs.

Credit: Pexels

What a clever hack! Sure, he’s bound to catch on eventually — but the 1,600 Facebook users who’ve already shared the post will definitely benefit from this tactic. This mom is #goals.