Daryl Lindsey
Updated February 24, 2017

Who isn’t irritated by in the incessant jingling of keys? One brilliant person has just totally re-invented the keychain to be smarter, quieter, and more convenient, proving that there’s room for innovation even on the most simple of objects.

KeyBolt is a jingle-free keychain currently being funded on KickStarter. The minimalist product holds keys in a compact stack.

Unlike a regular keyring, the bolt leaves no room for your keys to smack and crash against each other, and is so small that it can fit into just about any pocket – yes, even women’s jeans. Can we get a hallelujah?

The product isn’t officially on the market yet, but there seems to be a demand. The Kickstarter has already reached 450 percent funding, which means its safe to say it will be hitting store shelves soon.

This video is embedded from Mashable.