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Elize Strydom got quite a surprise this weekend. The Sydney resident is no stranger to adorable wildlife, but happened to come face to face with a pretty memorable visitor while visiting her Mom. Strydom was watching her Maltese Shitzu, when she realized that the pup — named Gemma — was quite a good watchdog as well.

Peeping over the fence was a fuzzy little intruder that probably just wanted to say hello, but didn’t know of a better way. When Gemma started barking, Strydom feared the worst (I mean, wouldn’t you?) Lucky for us, she decided to document her whole adventure on her Twitter account. false

And of course, she had the same reaction we would, after knowing she wasn’t in danger. false

Since the cute encounter, Strydom noticed a bit of a boost in her Tweets. Currently, the koala tweet — which is pinned to the top of her account — has 2.7k likes.

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Of course, Strydom made sure that the little lost koala wasn’t hurt.

And just like that, Strydom had the weekend of your dreams.