Pink dollhouse on a while background.
Credit: NYS/Shutterstock

Sometimes you just have one of those days. If you’re having one of them right now, meet Kylie. Tiny Kylie got her head stuck in her dollhouse. Luckily, she wasn’t alone. Her little sister must have ran and got their mother right away (we’re guessing there was some initial shrieking and threatening in the meantime). But sometimes moms don’t feel like rushing to the rescue. Kylie’s mom did what most moms these days would do — she laughs her butt off and pulls out her phone. “Are you actually stuck, Kylie?” Kylie yells, “do NOT take pictures!” already guessing that this is going to be all over Facebook within the hour. Technically, her mom kept her promise since it wasn’t a picture she was taking, but a video.

Eventually mom runs around to the other side of the house, since it’s entirely open. And there’s poor Kyle, flopping around like a fish out of water, with her head stuck in the small doll house door. (Really, how did this happen anyway?) Trying not to laugh, and mumbling, “My daughter is stuck in the dollhouse,” Kylie’s mom finally tries to help her out.

If you ever get stuck in a dollhouse, try to remain as calm as Kylie and lie your arm flat and shimmy on out of the dollhouse.

Thanks to a little push on the head from mom, of course. We really have to hand it to Kylie who seemed almost *too* calm throughout this whole ordeal. In fact, she thinks it’s pretty amusing, too, laughing along with her sister the entire time. Let’s just hope that Kylie knows better than to stick head into the dollhouse next time, or this could turn into a pretty good video series.

Don’t feel too bad, Kylie, we’ve all been there before. And you handled it like a champion.