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In today’s day and age, nothing goes viral quite like a little one with a whole lotta talent. And this little girl contouring is *blowing* our minds right now with her makeup skills! Seriously, trust us when we say that this little kid can do her makeup better than we can, and we’re cheering her on so much. Maybe we’ll know how to contour one day??

Until then, we’re filled with admiration for Molly, the young daughter of makeup artist and Instagrammer Courtney McCutcheon. She is so, so talented, and has totally mastered the power of makeup. We wish we were this good!

How absolutely precious is this?!

Not only is this video cute AF, but it’s also making us realize we have a long way to go before *we* reach any level of makeup magic. Because, OMG, this little girl contouring is doing such an ah-mazing job.

The photo explains,

Which made us wonder if this was her first time giving makeup a shot or not. And we found out it was the latter!

How sweet does she look in this pop art look!?

Taking notes for next Halloween!

Her other makeup video is seriously to die for.

With 55k views, we clearly aren’t the only ones cheering her on.

And this darling duo doing their makeup together is way too sweet.

We’re sending this talented pair all the love and admiration! Thanks for all the makeup inspo!