Karen Belz
Updated Jan 04, 2018 @ 6:51 am
Credit: Bret Turner / https://twitter.com/bretjturner

Every so often, it’s fun to reflect on the elementary school days — back when learning the order of the alphabet was a bit of a challenge, and jokes and riddles helped improve the way you thought about things. After tweeting out a puzzle, one teacher admitted that his first-grade student had a response to the riddle that was so much deeper than the original answer. Surely all of his students are bright, but this one is definitely a step above.

While some teachers may be a bit guarded over their online presence, Bret Turner — who’s also a comedic writer — had no problem sharing his “Puzzle of the Week” on Twitter. The puzzle itself may make you scratch your head at first, but the standard answer is somewhat obvious when you take a good look at each word.

Turner noted that the first response to the puzzle left the rest of the classroom somewhat speechless — but it was so good that, perhaps, the riddle is a little deeper than its creator may have intended. According to the elementary school teacher, the very first guess was “death.”

Of course, there were a few answers that came afterward that weren’t quite as on-the-nose.

Turner noted that he’d share the viral victory with his kids, who were sure to be impressed.

And if you thought those tweets were good, you may want to stick around and follow Turner — since his feed consists of proof that kids really do say the darndest things.

We can’t wait to see what these clever kids think of next.