Kenya Foy
Updated Aug 23, 2016 @ 1:08 pm
Credit: leability/Reddit

Parents may be in charge of running the household, but there comes a time when fed-up kids reverse the game and lay down the rules for the adults.

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That brings us to this heroic kid who banned his mom from bedtime stories with a no-nonsense handwritten note. According to The Daily Dot, a child named Owen was apparently so over his mom’s shenanigans that he bypassed his nightly bedtime story and even opted to tuck himself in.

A cousin of Owen’s mom shared the hilarious note on reddit.

Credit: leability/Reddit

We’re not sure exactly what prompted Owen to dismiss his mom and take on bedtime duties at such an early age, but he’s obviously ambitious, has excellent communication skills and is experienced with saying no and setting boundaries. Hopefully, Owen’s diss didn’t hurt his mom’s feelings too badly, but when your kid’s already writing letters that show off his professional potential, you must be doing something right.