iPod Touch
Credit: T3 Magazine via Getty Images

We’ve all been that mischievous kid who does something shady behind a parent’s back and plays an innocent role to disguise the debauchery. That unsavory childhood behavior is precisely why we can tee hee with nostalgic glee while watching this kid crack his father’s iPod screen then immediately feign cluelessness.

Demonstrating that there’s levels to what we hide and why we lie, John Vadasz’s then 5-year-old kid already understands that lying to manipulate someone has its perks (even though we NEVER, EVER recommend this tactic. Hai, parents!). But for real though, this kid knows very well that his dad might lose his shit and declare his son as one of those people who don’t deserve a new iPhone for the rest of ever (or at least until the kiddo can afford to purchase his own gadgets).

According to The Daily Mail, this little guy filmed himself in the act of destruction back in 2011, but the video has resurfaced and gone viral. In the clip, the boy can be seen spinning around, making funny faces and weird flying/crashing/whooshing noises. Ya know, Typical Kid Stuff™. Then he goes and drops his dad’s iPod Touch and hilariously plays dumb about the entire thing.

Ha, nice try, kid!

So, this was filmed six years ago, which means this kid is now in his tween years (and probably face-palming at the source of his sudden internet fame). Clearly, the jig’s up on this years-old scam , but we can’t help but wonder how many other broken gadget coverups he’s successfully pulled off since then.