Channing Sargent
September 18, 2016 1:06 pm

Eight-year-old Thomas Moore saw his mom watching a video on Facebook about a girl who had lost her hair to cancer. He was so affected by the video, that it got him thinking: he had hair. Could he give it to a kid who doesn’t? For the next two years,
Thomas grew out his hair out for kids who had lost theirs to chemotherapy.

As it got longer, it got harder to control. Thomas’s mom, Angie Pulos, told Buzzfeed that he didn’t like getting his hair braided because it hurt his tender scalp. He came close to giving up several times, but every time “they had to re-focus on the reason for growing it,” she said.

What a kid. He saw a need, and he knew he could help. We call that heroism. Learn more about the girl who inspired Thomas at the Kyssie Andrews Foundation. Her name is Kyssie, and she’s rad. #TeamKyssie