Credit: @foxy_roxy_mango /

If we had to choose one creature to become the official face of the afternoon slump, this dog chilling in her human’s van would be our top selection. Per The Daily Dot, a French mastiff named Roxy is the unofficial queen of Delivery and Chill, thanks to hilarious photos that show her enjoying some serious animal R&R while her owner makes deliveries as a courier in London.

In each of her photos, Roxy’s laid-back facial expression lies somewhere between, “Damn, I ate too much,” and “Oof, I really need a nap.” The perfectly perched pooch is on Instagram and Twitter, but you should probably hold off on hitting that follow button until after you’ve had a nap.

How a dog manages to slay in her sleep is beyond us, but clearly Roxy is werking this pose.

She even looks too sleepy to eat:

Because chillin’ all day is a must:

Seriously, nothing will kill this dog’s vibe:

Not even being photographed by a celeb:

Oh, and her side-eye game is mean, too:

So, we love scrolling through all these pics of Roxy, but does anyone else feel a yawn coming on?