Rachel Charlene Lewis
February 10, 2017 3:20 pm
Chris Nervegna

Get ready to freak out, because this guy had a real-life Bob Ross-themed birthday party. Yeah, we’re seriously jealous AF. We have so much love for Bob Ross, and we’re naturally obsessed with the fact that Bob Ross is on Netflix. No human in the world has ever been as naturally soothing as the amazingly talented icon, so we get why this guy had a Bob Ross birthday party. What better way to celebrate?!

Chris Nervegna shared his birthday with the world via Twitter, and basically everyone freaked out because, well, how could you not? This is actually such a genius idea.

In the now-viral tweet about his Bob Ross birthday party, Chris Nervegna wrote,

Nervegna explained how things went down to BuzzFeed, saying,

And then things got even MORE amazing, somehow, because when he posted about his party on Twitter, someone else shared that they, too, had a Bob Ross-themed birthday party.

Like, OMG! Are we the only ones who haven’t given this a shot? We’re definitely going to give this ah-mazing theme a try for our next birthday.