Alexis Dent
Updated Dec 03, 2016 @ 12:58 pm
Chanjae Lee
Credit: Chanjae Lee/Instagram

Chanjae Lee may not be a familiar name to you, but his Instagram account has taken the world by storm. With over 120,000 followers and counting, this grandfather’s Instagram account with art for his family is truly captivating. you may wonder why the Internet is infatuated with this seemingly ordinary 75 year old man. All it takes is a quick look at 75-year-old Chanjae’s Instagram will show you he is everything but ordinary; his beautiful artwork has inspired thousands of people.

Chanjae emigrated from South Korea to Brazil along with his family. However, when some family members moved back to South Korea and some moved back to New York, Chanjae was understandably bummed. The distance not only made Chanjae sad, but it also sparked concern in his children when they realized he’d had given up his beloved hobby of painting. Ji Lee, one of Chanjae’s children, decided to take action. He encouraged his father to make an Instagram account so he could share his art with not only his family, but with the world.

As can be expected with grandparents sometimes, Chanjae was both reluctant to join the social media world and also confused once he did. I mean, let’s be real: new social media platforms can stump even us digital natives. Chanjae gave up trying to learn Instagram but then his son Ji gave birth to a new grandchild, Astro. Astro served as the impetus for Chanjae to sit down with Li and learn how to use Instagram once and for all.

It took a while, but Chanjae got the hang of it and thus @drawings_for_my_grandchildren was born. And thank the social media gods it was.

Talk about incredible! These drawings and watercolor paintings are absolutely beautiful, and each one is accompanied by a sweet caption written by Chanjae’s wife. (We can’t leave grandma out of the equation!) Instagram is fun for so many reasons, but adding a little love and art into your feed can do wonders for your mental health — even if he’s not your grandpa, you can still appreciate it.

Chanjae has warmed the hearts of his grandchildren, his family, and random Internet fans like ourselves. Sorry, we’re totally not sorry we get to see this stuff.