Karen Belz
March 28, 2017 1:15 pm
EVNautilus / www.youtube.com

So, sometimes nature has a sense of humor. That’s why this video of scientists laughing at a googly-eyed stubby squid is so incredible. You’d assume that these professionals have seen it all, but this funny looking sea creature definitely took them a little off guard.

The scientists were aboard the vehicle E/V Nautilus when the video was taken last year, getting an amazing view of the ocean floor. While they have a hard time identifying the creature at first, they settle on it being a cuttlefish due to the way its tentacles appear. Later, off-camera, it was revealed to be a stubby squid, which is very closely related to the cuttlefish.

(They totally do.)

Sure, we don’t really condone picking on anything in nature, but we have to admit — it’s pretty funny. (Plus, it’s not like the squid heard their comments and got bummed about them. He was just enjoying his day.)

Later, the scientists get a little bummed, since they expect the stubby squid to do something. Y’know, like move. Or acknowledge their vessel. Or change colors. Or swim. Or entertain.

EVNautilus / www.youtube.com

But, alas. The fellow they know best as “cuttlefish” isn’t into any of their games.

A Nautilus fan on YouTube did point out that right after the 1:09 mark in the video, you can see very, very, very slight movement in the tentacle area. So it’s something, but not a lot.

Sadly, the scientists give up and head back. But since this sighting went viral pretty quickly, one of the scientists later gave an interview stating why the squid had such a funny expression.

No matter what, it must have been pretty cool seeing him in person. He was definitely the star of the ocean that day!