Karen Belz
October 13, 2017 11:09 am

When you’re part of a church, attending your communion is a big deal. A 9-year-old named Cady Mansell wanted to wear a white suit to her communion but was told that the outfit was inappropriate. The funny part is that not only does Cady look incredible in it, but the suit was specifically tailored for her.

Cady’s mother, Chris, sounded off on the issue on Facebook. She made sure to note that the outfit wasn’t chosen for any other reason than the fact that it made her daughter “feel beautiful and confident.” According to Chris, her daughter “has a love for suits and wears them often.”

Judging by this photo, we think that Mansell’s confidence just shines through. She looks stunning.

According to an article by Yahoo! Lifestyle, Cady’s Catholic school sent out the dress code rules on August 16th. In it, they specified that girls “could not wear spaghetti straps and had to wear a white sweater over the straps.” Thus, nothing was mentioned about girls having to wear a dress.

 This was changed up on September 21st, after word got out that Cady would be wearing a pantsuit to the event.

Chris noted that she was summoned by the principal a few days before the event, who told her that Cady could participate in her own first communion after the big ceremony if she insisted on wearing the suit.

While Cady and Chris decided to miss the ceremony and withdrawal from the church, we think it’s honorable that they wanted to make this issue public. Sometimes, girls just don’t feel comfortable in dresses. And that’s simply okay.