Horse peeking through fence
Credit: JTB Photo/UIG via Getty Images

Sometimes kids can get into some pretty strange stuff at home, and parents have no idea what’s going on until after the fact. That’s basically what happened with this girl who took secret selfies with a horse in her parents’ bathroom. While this hilarious horse selfie scenario is easily one of the weirdest we’ve come across, let’s hear her out. Surely some of the things we did when our parents weren’t home are far more embarrassing (srsly, don’t ask mom and dad).

So, according to Mashable, Twitter user KaitRides decided to have some one-on-one time with her horse Tucker, a 25-year-old, 4.5-feet tall, approximately 1,000-pound steed. Apparently, hanging out in a barn stall sounded like the lamest idea ever because they wound up in front of her parents’ bathroom mirror, which is obviously a suitable space for a big ass horse.

Um, OK. Equine experts and lovers help us out: Is this is a totally normal thing to do when you’re obsessed with horses? Also, how often do horses willingly partake in activities that are typically reserved for humans?

If you need a moment to gather stats and case studies, we’ll wait, but we kind of prefer Kait’s explanation, which sounds totally (not) normal.

“I decided to bring him inside and take pictures with him just because I wanted some really funny selfies that no one had ever seen before,” Kait told Mashable. “I was home from college during a break, and both of my parents were at work for the day, so I knew I could get away with it. He was only in the house for about five minutes, just long enough to go in, take pictures, and leave.”

Huh. So, what’s it like to take a selfie with a horse in a bathroom? Do the usual duckface and light-capturing angle rules still apply?

“Tucker is very laid-back, so it was very easy. I put four hoof boots on him so he wouldn’t get the floor dirty, then I just walked him in,” Kait said.

Wow. Well, congrats on the best horse selfie ever, Kait and Tucker. We’re still confused AF by this entire situation, but also extremely amused.