kid with shirt matching drink
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In amazing news we didn’t know we needed, a high schooler has been documenting her classmate’s inside joke of matching his outfits to his drink every day, and it is seriously so funny and adorable! We didn’t even think about this as an outfit possibility, but now we are seriously inspired! We all want to have this sort of dedication to outfits and beverages alike!

According to Bored Panda, high schooler Chloe Alwes from Stafford County, Virginia noticed that her classmate Brian Milan was matching his shirt to his drink he brought in every day. This was a (very clever) inside joke of Milan’s, and a fascinated Alwes began documenting his looks every day. While this is a little invasive, we are glad that both teens are now cool with sharing Milan’s artistry with the world!

Because it is seriously, so good!

We love Milan’s commitment to this joke, and there is something seriously so satisfying about seeing how nicely his shirts match whatever drink he has each day. It somehow makes the world feel calmer and more organized.

So thank you, Brian, for being so brilliant; and thank you, Chloe, for sharing Brian’s brilliance with the world! We can only hope that the two strike up a beautiful friendship, and that this isn’t the last amazing viral phenomenon we see from the duo!