Kenya Foy
April 04, 2017 5:11 pm
Billy Kelly /

Delivering mail for a living is a tough gig, but we imagine the route goes a lot smoother when a family cares enough about their mailman to prank him. As Mashable reports, one family in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania pulled off the cutest April Fool’s prank on their mail carrier that was actually quite mild, especially compared to some of the more gruesome ones we’ve seen this year (Rebel Wilson, that means you).

When it comes to adorably harmless April Fool’s Day pranks, comedian Billy Kelly and his wife’s tops the list. We immediately assumed it would somehow involve dogs (mean, we know), but no foaming-at-the-mouth canines were involved in this sweet-yet-funny trick. The Kellys simply created an unbelievably long letter and left it hanging from their mail slot.

But when the mail carrier went to retrieve it, he discovered the letter that went on forever…

And ever. Actually, it was a few feet long, but still made for an effective trick nonetheless.

In order to capture his reaction like seasoned tricksters, Kelly and his wife watched their devious master plan unfold from the car. Once the mailman realized the joke was on him, he was kind enough to pose for a post-prank photo.

So, regardless of whether April Fool’s pranks fall on the lame or laughable end of the spectrum for you, this one should definitely leave you feeling warm, fuzzy and hopeful that there are still some people in the world who know how to have a good time without taking things too far.