Karen Belz
Updated August 11, 2017 11:35 am

Listen. We know what summer weekends are like. When the weather is nice, we can be outside all day without complaint. That’s why this dog who doesn’t want to leave the park is us AF.

The video was taken by Kristen Bohlsen, who quickly posted it on Facebook. Bohlsen was in the park that day, and noticed the dog who would not listen to his owner. In fact, the dog tried every method possible to get his way, from the “sitting like a rock” pose to simply playing dead.

We love this pup for so many reasons. Mostly for the fact that he reminds us of, well, us.

We also love the fact that his owner has such incredible patience. Note that he didn’t yell at his furry buddy or lose patience with him.

In fact, his technique for getting the dog to move was pretty classic. No dog wants to be left in the park by himself.

Kristen Bohlsen / Facebook

The best part of the video is, without a doubt, the fact that almost everyone in the park was watching this dog — and they cheered him on when he finally realized it was time to move. (Even though it’s pretty obvious that he was thinking hard about pulling the stunt once again.)

While this guy might win the award for “World’s Most Stubborn Golden Retriever,” we know that he’s got quite an incredible relationship with his owner. We’re sure they have a lot more outdoor activities planned for the near future.