Karen Belz
Updated Jul 20, 2017 @ 10:56 am
Credit: The Orphan Pet / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CXUJu4o_XM

Who said that dogs and cats can’t get along? After finding a box of abandoned kittens in Ymittos, Greece, a dog named Aragon decided to make it his mission to take care of them. The four abandoned kittens were taken in by Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, also known as SCARS, where they have a few loving humans looking after them as well. But Aragon is the one who makes sure to keep them in line, serving as an unlikely “foster dad.”

A few of his jobs include making sure they don’t wander too far away, and helping them walk in a steady way. (For a brand new kitten, that’s a little harder than it sounds.)

And may we say, he’s one of the cutest.

While SCARS may seem like a sad acronym, the society was named that way on purpose. Those behind the organization, which was founded in 2015, believe that animals can carry emotional scars the same way humans can.

Surely they had no idea that their pup would adopt the same philosophy.

Credit: The Orphan Pet / www.youtube.com

While we’d love it if these kittens grew old with Aragon, they’re up for adoption through SCARS. If only they would consider international adoptions…