DIY Confetti Tray
Credit: HelloGiggles

These glitzy confetti trays will make decorating your personal space an affair to remember! No need to worry about buying trays for your pens and keys because our DIY has got you covered…in confetti. This sequin-inspired craft is perfect for adding a colorful, elegant touch to your home coffee table or even your office desk. And believe us, organizing your home will now feel like a house party.

All you need for this table-top confection is star confetti, holographic glitter, and, of course, even more confetti. The secret ingredient is dimensional decoupage. Once you let the tray dry overnight, you’ll be set to use your personalized confetti craft. Whether you make it for keys, your favorite pens, or even lipsticks, you will love the pop of glitter it adds to your home décor.

Check out the video below to bring this celebration-in-a-tray to life!

DIY Confetti Tray


Tray or plate
Dimensional decoupage glue


1. Sprinkle confetti and glitter into tray.
2. Arrange the confetti however you like.
3. Squeeze dimensional decoupage over the confetti until the confetti is completely covered.
4. Use a toothpick to submerge the confetti floating on top of the glue and pop any bubbles that arise.
5. Wait 48 hours until fully dry.