Karen Belz
Updated March 06, 2017

Surely everyone in school wishes they had lunch bag artist Dominick Cabalo as a father, since his cool drawings have been getting a lot of buzz. In fact, after you see his work, you’ll never talk down on bagged lunches again.

While a lot of us grew up with a loving note from our mothers tucked away next to our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Cabalo’s son Nicholas has been enjoying a daily masterpiece during his lunch period.

We’ve got a good feeling that Nicholas probably hasn’t opted for the school’s hot lunch in quite some time. (Thus, the only time where pizza would come in second place.)

Luckily, Cabalo has managed to make his lunch bag art available for all of us to enjoy. Using the Instagram handle domnx_art, he not only shares his designs — he also talks about what inspired him that day.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

Wasn’t Robin one of the best parts of The Lego Batman Movie? This rendition is incredibly endearing.

Of course, we also loved the Joker. As one of the most expressive characters in the film, it’s no surprise that he can really liven up a standard brown bag.

We’re sure that Mark Ruffalo would definitely approve this bag.

It has to be said that MODOK is pretty cool in any form.

Any fan of Star Wars: Rogue One might get a little misty over this bag.

Live long and prosper.

Sometimes his bags are even themed. Talk about dedication!

Cabalo felt a little bit of inspiration from last year’s Ghostbusters movie, and we’re loving it.

Finally, in the spirit of the release of Logan, here’s an incredible rendition of Wolverine from the X-Men.

We’re so happy that lunch is being redefined as a time for creativity to grow. Dominick Cabalo has definitely inspired us to grab some colored pencils and try out our own paper bag skills, that’s for sure.