Karen Belz
Updated Aug 23, 2017 @ 3:12 pm

If you didn’t stall, and bought your glasses at a reasonable price, you probably don’t have much of an attachment to them anymore. But instead of throwing them away, there’s a cool way to donate your solar eclipse glasses to help someone else experience something so cool.

The next solar eclipse that we’ll get to see in America will happen in 2024. And while it’s actually somewhat closer than it sounds, it’s…still pretty far away. In fact, there’s a decent chance you might move (at least) once during that time span. Or get married. Or have babies.

But here’s something important that you may be forgetting. Eclipses happen pretty often — we’re just not normally in the right place to see them.

That’s why a charity called Astronomers Without Borders want you to donate your glasses to children less fortunate, so that they’ll be able to have the same amazing experience that you did.

Both Asia and South America will be lucky enough to see an eclipse in 2019, which is — y’know — much closer than 2024. By donating your eclipse glasses, you’ll be donating a chance to appreciate the world a little more.

The organization is still looking for more proper places to donate glasses, but have announced an address for those who want to get a head start on donating.

It’ll also help give schools a chance to learn a little more about astronomy, if proper eyewear isn’t in their budget.

Since the organization strives to bring astronomy-based education to schools, this is pretty much the perfect project for them. No matter what, we love organizations that support education, and feel so glad that our eclipse glasses will soon have a brand new home.