Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated January 17, 2017
Andy Katz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Around here, we’re all about the amazing feminist creatives who have been coming up with new products to show support for Planned Parenthood. So we were pumped to learn about the “boobs 4 babes” campaign!

In case you missed it, the reason for the rush to support this amazing and super important organization is that Paul Ryan and the GOP said they’re definitely going to defund Planned Parenthood, or at least planning on trying to. As a result, now more than ever we’re trying to support Planned Parenthood in a whole bunch of ways, from volunteering to donating directly to taking a break from our regular shops in favor of indie, feminist stores.

We learned about the “boobs 4 babes” campaign when Lola Kirke posted about it on Instagram.

Kirke wrote,

We’re loving this show of support. We had to find out what the project was all about!

The campaign was created by Jenna Hope, an artist based in Hudson Valley.

Jenna explains,

Heck yes!

Jenna creates a variety of boob-inspired decor like this little dish.

Each and every dish is unique, and totally beautiful. How precious is this?!

Jenna does all the work, and each item is handcrafted and starts from scratch.

We’ve got all the heart eyes for this project.

Plus, you can get some pretty rad pouches. Basically, if you like boobs on things that go to a good cause, this is your new fave creator!

And they make some pretty excellent gifts for all your feminist BFFs.