baby throws hands in the air
Credit: KPtheBaby /

Calling all morning people! Your official representative has arrived in the form of this super adorable swaddled baby with the cutest morning stretch routine on the planet. Most jaded adults typically start the day by grunting and hitting the snooze button one too many times before heading towards the nearest cup of coffee. However, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum is 5-month-old Kaden, son of Siri Kent, and lover of waking up in the morning.

As we can see on the video of Kaden’s super enthusiastic approach to each day, he throws his tiny hands in the air as if to show appreciation for how grateful he is to be alive and kicking.

Seriously, if you think waking up to music will help you have a good day, create your very own “Wake the hell up” visual playlist, add this video of Kaden raising his arms to everything from DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win” to The Village People’s “YMCA,” and see if you don’t spring out bed with the quickness.

So cute that we can’t even handle it! Baby Kaden’s killer morning routine has turned him into a viral star, with the video racking up nearly a million YouTube views and counting.

In case you can’t get enough of his perky AM post-swaddling ritual, get into his YouTube channel (his handle is KPthebaby) and Facebook page, where he can be found doing even more adorable baby stuff, like snoozing in cute onesies and making faces that are almost squee-worthy enough to convert us into morning people.