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Updated Jul 23, 2017 @ 12:35 pm
Picture of Watercolor Paint Set
Credit: Victoria1988 / Shutterstock

We’re in the midst of a “mini” mania. Food miniatures are all over our Instagram explore feed. These miniature pencil drawings are the most glorious little things on earth. There are even miniature therapy horses at the airport in Cincinnati. (Hey, size is relative.)Tiny treasures are having a moment and making way for more artists to shine, like Julia Las.

Tiny treasures are having a moment and making way for more artists to shine, like watercolor painter Julia Las.

The Ukraine-based artist has made a colorful splash on Instagram lately. She recently published a post on Bored Panda talking about how she got her start and sharing some of her beautiful watercolor miniatures.

Las ventured into miniatures a few years ago. She was working long hours and did not have the time she needed to create anything huge, but still needed a creative outlet.

Julia began to put a great deal of detail into a very tiny space, and the result is so beautiful.

None of Julia’s paintings are bigger than three centimeters in length. We are obsessed with all of them.

The detail in such a tiny space is absolutely stunning.

Julia paints everything from animals to pop culture. We had no idea BB-8 could get any cuter.

We would eat this up in one bite!

So precise. So detailed.

Like what you see? Las has an Etsy shop where you can place your own order, or request something custom-made. We’ll take one of everything, please! We certainly have the room.