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We remain totally in awe of artists. Maybe it’s just our love for art, or maybe it’s our complete inability to paint anything beyond a stick figure (and a rough one at that!), but we have all the heart eyes for the artists of Instagram. So when we learned about this artist’s work, we were instantly in love. These super edgy works of art have us dying for some art supplies of our own! Or maybe we’ll just buy some beautiful art online. Either way, we’re feeling inspired!

Like, how AMAZING is this killer masterpiece? Hint: so ah-mazing.

Ugh, teach us your ways!

The work in progress is seriously so magical to watch.

The artist captioned the post,

She also provides some helpful info for anyone planning to give this leg artwork a shot.

TG for this advice, because we’re definitely going to be painting our legs.

And the Van Gogh love doesn’t end there!

The artist captioned the photo,

Which basically describes our feelings for this *stunning* body art in the most hilarious way.

And she’s even rocking Van Gogh socks, because this is what commitment really looks like.

But there are even more beautiful works of art!

Like this leg piece.

This beautiful painting WIP.

Plus this flawless doodle.

How epic is this artwork? Pretty darn epic, if we do say so ourselves.