Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Dec 05, 2016 @ 5:50 pm
Credit: @brentestabrook / https://www.instagram.com/p/BHf_rhiB9i3/

We just re-discovered our childhood souls thanks to this artist who quit their job to paint stuffed animals. Every single piece is like a throwback to our silly nicknames for our fuzzy little buddies, and we couldn’t love ’em more. They’re so, so cute! We feel calmer and more in touch with our sweeter, softer selves just looking at these paintings of stuffed animals.

We feel even better knowing that looking at art helps lower stress levels! Plus, creating art decreases stress, so we hope these works inspire you to create something of your own.

Meet Brent Estabrook, a Los Angeles-based artist. Brent quit their job to paint stuffed animals, and we’re pretty into it. Why? Because these paintings make us feel like a kid again!

Can you spot any stuffed animals that remind you of your own childhood? We definitely can!

These fuzzy little friends bring us so much joy. Oh, the memories!

The coolest part is how ridiculously detailed these are. We can’t even imagine having this level of talent, though that doesn’t stop us from trying!

Every single brush stroke is actual magic! We dig these so much.

Plus, there are sculptures, too! Like this teddy made of solid bronze.

It just goes to show that sometimes you’ve just got to follow your passions, and see where they lead.

Nothing but heart eyes for these amazing creations!